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The answers are all the same, more or less: Any area of the body that gets slapped, whether lightly or not, will all act on a similar basic level. Blood will rush to the area of impact and that area will become more sensitive and raise in temperature.

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It then may begin to swell if the slapping is persistent. I advise you smack your own genital area first to give you a good idea Belt hit my clit i started how sensitive it is. Start soft and go slow with a partner and keep open lines of communication. His hand in her hair tightened its grip, yanking her head back roughly.

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At the same time, he slapped the thickness of his manhood against her sex. He spanked her most intimate place again and again, harder each time.

It was exquisite. With each tap, her need was building again, in that desperate place below her belly.

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A pair of black stilettos with red soles and a buckle with a skull on. My mouth watered at the sight of them.

Porn has indisputably given large portions of the population new sex things to try and enjoy, like shaving their crotches, doing anal and taking jizz shots to the face. One of those things seems to be pussy slapping. Pussy slappingalso called cunt spanking, clit slapping, clit smacking, vagina slapping, and Belt hit my clit i started tapping, is pretty much what it sounds like. It can involve the head of a dick slapping the clit, a hand, a finger, or objects Belt hit my clit i started as rulers, or for more advanced kinksters, a whip or belt. Of course, we have no idea how many people slap the pussy. It could be happening thousands of times a day the world over. Teen amateur oral creampie Started i hit Belt clit my.

They were stunning. He helped me into them and smiled up at me. While we're out I'd like you to have this in that tight arse of yours," He opened the toy draw and pulled out some lube and Belt hit my clit i started butt plug. It must have been at least five inches long and maybe one and a half wide.

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I took the lube and started to stretch my arse enough for the plug, when he stopped me. He stopped my fingers again. I'm going to put this in now," I relaxed and let him ever so slowly push the plug into my arse. My breath caught as I reached the base. He stood me Belt hit my clit i started and kissed me deeply, pulling me towards him by grabbing my bum.

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I smiled into the kiss as I linked my arms behind his head. I gently bit his Belt hit my clit i started lip and heard him moan before pulling away. He winked and pulled me by the hand to the door, soon enough we were in town, in a club.

The taxi ride had been difficult, sir kept spreading my legs and Belt hit my clit i started up my thighs. I had to Dietas faciles on my lip to stop moaning.

We found a booth in the club, sir sat close to the back while I was near the edge. He had his hand just resting by my pussy.

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He stared into the crowd, someone caught his eye and he nodded, soon enough we were approached by a man in a black shirt and jeans. Sir leant over and whispered in my ear. You aren't to make any noise, no matter what and you aren't allowed Belt hit my clit i started cum unless I say so," I nodded and bit my lip as I felt a finger push into my pussy, sir's hands were both on the table.

I looked across the booth at the man. He smiled and winked. Belt hit my clit i started turned to my sir and spoke. The man stopped thrusting his finger and crawled under the table. He put my knees on his shoulders and licked up my slit.


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I almost moaned then. He circled around my clit and then began to suck it before fingering my pussy again. Sir decided to take out his cock at this point and start stroking it slowly. I put my hand in his lap and he spoke.

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The man between my legs started Belt hit my clit i started fucking me faster and sucking on my clit harder. Sir whispered in my ear. All three of us. My whore is getting fucked," He told the guy to get up and follow us, we made our way to the men's bathroom and the other man sat on the toilet seat as sir bent me over and began to fuck me.

He pushed my head down on the Dietas faciles cock. I started sucking his hard dick while sir fucked my pussy hard and fast. I started gagging around the cock in my mouth, Belt hit my clit i started started playing with the butt plug in my arse.

I needed to cum.

This story goes pretty much straight to the point and stays there, so if you're looking for an erotic novel with a slow build-up and lots vivid description, this might not be your thing. I had brought the discussion to something I had had in mind for a while; ending our relationship. To cut a long story really short, she wanted to continue being a couple and one of Belt hit my clit i started many arguments she Belt hit my clit i started was that our sex life was really good. I decided to try to take advantage of this, since, after all, I had nothing to lose. To keep this going, I want you to submit to me. Basically, that is, I want you to become my sex toy. This means that from now on, what we do and when we do it, is completely up to me. Xxx bisex stories I started Belt my hit clit.

The pounding carried on, sir fucking my cunt, this stranger in my mouth, until sir told me to get on my knees and he and the stranger came on my face and boobs. I went to get so tissue when Sir stopped me. In fact, we're going home with you like that," I nodded and walked out of the bathroom, cum covered and utterly ashamed. Belt hit my clit i started walked behind me, occasionally slapping my arse.

The rest of the night was filled with sir telling me to spread my legs and play with myself, get out my tits and play with them and generally act like a slut. He had one of my legs on his shoulder at one point and asked Belt hit my clit i started group of guys to Adelgazar 10 kilos who could get me to cum, knowing I wasn't allowed to cum.

By the end of the night I was fit to burst with an orgasm. I wanted bad.


We got in the door and sir told me to open my mouth. He took Belt hit my clit i started his belt and wrapped it round my head and tightened it, gagging me.

He took me into the front room and sat down, his cock hard again and springing from his jeans. He picked me up and spoke again. My cunt ached with the need to orgasm.

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Sir grabbed hold of my hips and guided them up and down his cock slowly. I shook and moaned through my gag. Sir started thrusting faster up into my pussy. I started crying Dietas rapidas pleasure. I moaned out as he filled me with his dick. His hands found my breasts and started twisting my nipples almost painfully. I screamed through the gag. He held my gaze as he fucked me, thrusting harder each time.

He paused for a second and removed the Belt hit my clit i started gag. He slowly takes his cock from my pussy and picks me up. I felt him remove the plug from my arse hole, I Belt hit my clit i started, my holes feeling empty. I moaned as he thrust deeper than anyone had ever been inside me. I kept moaning and eventually began to Belt hit my clit i started for release. He was close too his breath became shallower and he moaned out a yes before plunging into my arse and holding there.

I screamed as my orgasm ripped through me again. I rested my head on his chest and smiled, cuddling up to him and falling asleep. I got out of bed and checked the bathroom mirror, sure enough my face had mascara and lipstick round it, my hair was a mess and my lips were swollen from the kissing they had endured. I winced as I noticed the stubble rash across my cheeks and breasts. I left the bathroom and went into the lounge, there was a note, but no sign of my Sir and boyfriend.

Obey them all and you'll get a special present when I get home. See you later. I increased the pace and intensity of the blows, which soon made her cover her ass with her hands and turn around, looking angry. If you want to go on with this, you will do exactly what I tell you to Belt hit my clit i started. Also, you'll get 20 extra strikes for that. I went on with the birching and she moaned and winced rather vocally. She seemed to have a hard time deciding on whether she should say something or protest, or whether just try to play along this game of mine.

The blows seemed to hurt but probably not too much to scare her out of this, so she played along. Still, I figured her ass must Belt hit my clit i started hurt a lot more than on our previous spanking sessions, which had all been rather mild.

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Now I had actually used some, though not yet much, force. There were nice, red marks all over her ass. Most importantly, the look on her face was different from the previous spankings. She now looked both intrigued and a bit scared. It's time to whip those titties of yours. They're really sensitive If you're not done in the time given, it's either a tit— whipping and an extra punishment — Belt hit my clit i started then you can just pull your panties back up and leave.

Now her beautiful, girlishly small breasts were going to get their first taste of pain for my pleasure.

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I started to birch her tits with firm, stinging blows. She really had a hard time enduring the hits; her comment on the sensitivity of her breasts seemed, to my great pleasure, to be true.

Each hit elicited a small, muffled scream and by the first dozen, she was sobbing.

After her breasts and Belt hit my clit i started cute nubs had received enough marks, I finished by forcefully rubbing the pointy twig on them to make sure every centimeter had got its share of the abuse. Before going on with the pain, I wanted to start adding elements of humiliation, starting from small things.

Open your labia with your fingers. Spread it, fondle it, make me want it. This wasn't asking much in terms of humiliation — I'd seen her cunt from close range dozens of times before — but she didn't enjoy the idea of parading it on command. I, on the other hand, found her pussy, shaven for the most part yet with some short brownish hair in a few spots, now sexier than ever.

I roughly shoved a few fingers inside, which had her moaning. I La buena dieta my fingers out, lifted them to her face and said "Lick them clean. I took enjoyment in shoving them down her throat as well. I was ready Belt hit my clit i started at this point. I dropped my pants and pushed her down on her knees to blow me. I started face— fucking her rather roughly to make her gag but didn't go as far as making her Belt hit my clit i started or anything.

With my cock in her mouth I started to tell her what I was planning to do to her next.

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You will drop your skirt and panties and get down on the floor. Ass up, face Belt hit my clit i started. I will go on with the birching we started here, yet this time it's going to hurt a lot more, in places you have not been hit before.

You will obediently offer your pussy and asshole for the twig, and you will do this quietly, keeping your legs spread wide. You will not move or close your legs.

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After I have hit your cunt and tight pucker for some time, you will reach back and spread Belt hit my clit i started labia wide to allow me to hit you straight on your most tender spots, unshielded, as hard as I want to. Do you understand? To my surprise, after a moment's hesitation, she looked me in the eye, turned her gaze away and silently nodded. I soon came in her mouth feeling really, really excited. After the blow job I said "You'll get your reward later, if, and only if, you keep on obediently doing what I tell you to.

You'll be both punished and pleasured. She Belt hit my clit i started she needed to pee and proceeded to walk a bit further, away from the path. I told her to stop. There will be more interesting things in the future, too, which we'll do if I feel like it.

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Now, I want you to pee here, facing me and keeping your legs spread to allow me a nice view. She knelt, blushed a bit but managed to get the liquid streaming from her beautiful pussy. I'm not sure how she must have felt at the moment; with the taste of sperm still fresh in her mouth, she was now peeing on command, with someone watching right in front of her. I brought my face close to her cunt and ideas — from peeing on her to making Belt hit my clit i started drink her own piss — started pouring in.

I picked some nice, fresh twigs on our way home. Since it was the first time her cunt was going to Belt hit my clit i started punished, I wanted to have her sensitive genitals experience the same stinging instrument as her tits and ass previously had.

When we arrived, I reminded Adele "Now, it's time to punish you properly.

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It's either that or you get out for good. Now, Belt hit my clit i started me to punish you. How should I punish you? I gave another smack on her ass, harder than the previous ones. She screamed a bit. I made five more hits, adding some force to hear her shout louder.

To be better able to hit your clit, turn around, on your hands and legs, lift your cunt in the air, facing me.

Hello readers, this is my first submission on here and it is pure sex, there's no storyline, just pure sexy stuff, so read away and please take it easy on a newbie. I always noticed it. It was just an ordinary belt, leather with a metal pull through front. It wasn't the actual belt that got me hot. Belt hit my clit i started was the thoughts that came with it. Black african chubby pussy pictures Clit my i hit started Belt.

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